Reesheh w Areesheh

Reesheh w Areesheh

Jordan / Amman

"Reesheh & Areesheh” Store

From the “Feather - Reesheh” of the art to the “Areesheh - Canopy” of industrial engineering, comes the creative idea of the project called “Reesheh and Areesheh”.

“Reesheh & Areesheh” is an innovative name that goes back to an art store established in 2019 displaying and selling handcrafted art pieces with lots of love.

Eman Nabbas and Sawsan Nabbas; the two sisters who decided to merge their majors together in a way that led them to create this store. Moreover, Eman studied Industrial Engineering and Sawsan studied arts. From here, they merged the two concepts together when they started drawing on glasses and dishes and started to display their art pieces through social media platforms.

Indeed, “Reesheh & Areesheh” is a crafts store specializing in creating high-quality handicrafts that are water and surrounding factors resistant by painting on several glass items such as saucers and cups in a way that suits most types of occasions.

"Reesheh & Areesheh” Challenges 

Despite the success witnessed by “Reesheh & Areesheh” in the field of painted handicrafts, the road to success was not decorated with roses and was not free of obstacles and challenges.

For example, the most common challenges faced there were related to the limited number of shops and libraries that sell the needed drawing tools, colors, and raw materials.

In addition to the challenge represented in marketing the products and reaching the largest possible market and clients who share an interest in handicrafts.

Unfortunately, “Reesheh & Areesheh” didn’t escape those affected by the pandemic situation that negatively affected their workflow.

"Reesheh & Areesheh” Social Impact

There is no doubt that colors and arts have a very positive impact whether directly or indirectly. From here, and in the light of social distancing and lockdowns, “Reesheh & Areesheh” was a source of joy for those clients who do their orders online and deliver them to their beloved people without having to do any effort.

It also left a great artistic imprint by holding glass painting workshops directed to different age groups with the aim of spreading and expanding art further and helping them start their own project and achieve a source of income.

Surely, these artistic products have very distinctive touches that will make the item reach the heart of clients before their hands; start shopping now!



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