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How Rafedìn Project Started

The project Rafedìn-Iraqi girls was born in March 2016 with the aim of helping Iraqi women and their families who have fled ISIS and who have sought refuge in Amman.

The major intent of the project is to provide professional training to Iraqi women, thanks to seamstresses and fashion designers from Italy who taught the girls how to design the first models. 

In light of the difficulties faced by Iraqi refugees in Amman, especially those faced by women who are often the most vulnerable group, HAVA association tries its best to create a safe space where they can socialize and acquire technical skills as well.

Talking about the products, Rafedìn’s products embody a creative combination of Italian design and local fabrics which reflects the strong bond that unites the East and the West.

Furthermore, the workshop uses high-quality raw materials such as printed silk fabrics from Italy and keffiyeh from Palestinian Territories, as well as Jordanian textiles and fabrics. 

It is clearly obvious that the products are the finishing results of high-quality materials and design disposable to the beneficiary girls that can learn how to create, use, and sell them to our customers.

Using local materials, the Rafedìn project supports the local market and local suppliers likewise. Moreover, Rafedìn follows an environmental policy of plastic-free and zero-waste, especially producing re-usable shopping bags and patchwork products derived from leftover textiles, such as blankets, table runners, and bags.

Challenges Faced by Rafedìn Project

Among the challenges faced by Rafedìn, the main obstacle regards the turnover of young women. Indeed, they are expected to leave the country as soon as they receive the visa and it is not always easy to transfer the skills and the techniques to the new girls who join us.

Furthermore, due to the Covid-19 pandemic situation, the Rafedìn project has to take into account the difficulties deriving from the governmental procedures, such as the lockdowns and curfews, which unfortunately prevent the young women from reaching the laboratory.

Rafedìn Project Leaves a Social Impact

The first impact the project has on society is mainly focused on the improvement of living conditions of the Iraqi community-based in Jordan. Young Iraqi women are thus particularly at risk of complete disengagement from society, as they are limited in their access to employment due to their refugee status and gender within the Jordanian context.

Thanks to the project Rafedìn-Iraqi girls, many Iraqi women have the opportunity to acquire excellent skills that may be necessary for their future in order to improve their living conditions.

Furthermore, the project does not involve the usage of plastic or paper bags, and rather, it uses reusable ones.

In this way, the whole project doesn’t affect the environment negatively in all means adding that it is a role model in protecting our planet.

Thanks to the UNICEF Amaluna Youth Economic Engagement program, Rafedìn products are now be shown through Souq Fann!

Be a great part of the process of helping Iraqi women and be a friend to your environment through browsing Rafedìn products at Souq Fann!



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