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"Qashabeyyeh” Store

The concept of “Qashabeyyeh” represents the past, present, and the symbol of authentic meanings in Tunisia and the Arab World.

Lima Haddad is a talented and gifted lady who decided to create her own “Qashabeyyeh” store. To explain more, the term “Qashabeyyeh” refers back to a piece of Tunisian wear that resembles a long shirt, typically modest, and comes with a hood to protect from the heat.

Indeed, establishing the project was behind the idea of converting the original item of clothing into a more modernized version that also infuses the Arabic Bedouin patterns that we all know and love!

"Qashabeyyeh” Store Challenges 

No doubt that every field faces a lot of difficulties and challenges especially when it is related to the field of fashion. Accordingly, the main challenges faced by “Qashabeyyeh” is related to finding the perfect and ideal quality of fabric in order to fashion it into a wearable item of clothing.

Moreover, “Qashabeyyeh” working team had to do a lot of field visits and conduct a lot of wash tests to make sure that the colors don't bleed and that the fabric is nice and comfortable for everyday use.

"Qashabeyyeh” Store Social Impact

Throughout the process of making Qashabeyyeh, the store ensured that they give back to the community by sourcing and fabricating the clothing through small business owners, whether they were working from their homes or owning small shops.

It has been such a joy for “Qashabeyyeh” to see different generations being proud of their heritage and representing it within their choice of clothing, “Qashabyyeh” was also taken aback by the number of people who purchased a Qashabeyyeh to send to their loved ones abroad, it made them so proud to see these lovely Arabic Bedouin patterns, represented in different parts of the world and being displayed on Souq Fann as well, start shopping now!



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