Noura's Art

Noura's Art

Jordan / Amman

Noura AlTabaa is the brain behind the brand Noura’s Art, she has both bachelor’s and master’s degrees in interior design. 

Noura explains: “ anything beautiful I see catches my eyes and makes me want to mimic it in my own way. “

Noura has always been passionate about art and handicrafts, and she noticed her interest in handicraft when she started to spend all her free time learning new crafts, she took part in several bazaars and the result was satisfying, then she decided that this is what she wants to do. 

Noura’s product is unique with all the details she carefully adds, from the towel quality to 

the threads she uses, paying attention to color combinations all that made her product special. 

Noura is attached to her heritage which we can see obviously in her work, she is proud that her product has a glance of our Arabic traditional art, and she wishes to teach that to the upcoming generations. 

The main obstacle Noura faces is marketing her products and here in Souq Fann, this is our message, spreading our Jordanian artwork worldwide.

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