Myassar Malkawi

Myassar Malkawi

Jordan / Irbid

With a huge knowledge of colors and field experience in providing advice and guidance to customers on what to buy and what colors to use, Mrs. Myassar Malkawi is the perfect one to go to in knitwear within her local community. 

Many years of specialty, experience and self-development.

Myassar says what makes my products special is my selection for the finest types of threads, in this job the most important thing is your repetition and I am proud to say that everyone comes to me because of the quality of my product along with the designs I always develop and try to follow what is trendy and beautiful. 

Myassar is not like any crafter, she is a mother who raised her children and took care of them until they graduated from universities to continue working to provide what is best for herself and family. 

Myassar adds, I love my work and I always try to maintain a good customer service, I like to listen to my customers to see what they like and prefer and I like to keep a good relationship with them after.

Our local community does not always have the opportunity to buy from big markets with its diversity and new fashion-forward items, for that, I try to provide my community with new modern trends they cannot find in the local market.


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