Mosaic Art

Mosaic Art

Jordan / Madaba

Omar Nasser Al-Nour’s project, "The Art of Mosaics,” started as a hobby as an expression of his passion for art. Over time, he became so attached to "The Art of Mosaics" that he began to see this work as the source of his happiness. He feels that his work is a way to relax; when he is with his mosaics, he is creating an oasis to spread and preserve a very important part of Jordanian culture and heritage.
Omar Nasser Al-Nour was an engineer who worked as the authority of natural resources for the Ministry of Energy and Mineral Resources. During his time there, he discovered that the raw materials available naturally in Jordan, such as clay, glass, and sand, were materials that contributed directly to the ceramic industry. He began to conduct experiments with these materials, leading him to register a local invention in the ceramics industry. In 1999, he opened his factory in Jabal Al-Weibdeh in Amman to be able to operate under low costs in order to produce the highest quality. He refined his abilities, which allowed him to diversify his products and receive feedback from a growing base of customers. However, Omar has had difficulties in marketing his products at home and abroad due to potential lack of interest. Still, he aspires to expand his work at home and beyond.
What makes Omar’s products distinctive is the quality of manufacturing and the range of different technologies used in production. Omar is careful to give sufficient time and effort to each product, focusing on quality before quantity. He chooses non-toxic materials so that all his products are safe and healthy for his customers.
Omar loves the smooth feeling of clay in his hands – it gives him indescribable comfort. He also enjoys teaching his hobby to others and believes that doing so preserves an important part of Jordanian heritage and culture in relation to clay, ceramics, and mosaics.

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