Monarchess Natural Luxuries

Monarchess Natural Luxuries


Monarchess is a budding home-based business that aims to incorporate the benefits of nature into a quality product. Mona has always had passion for using her ands to create. She is a proud Jordanian with Palestinian roots; her parents born in the villages around the city of Nablus, which is how Mona gathered her knowledge of traditional olive oil soap-making. She combines these conventional methods of handcraft with research about the best oils and herbs to make her soaps. Mona loves to play with color and pattern in her products, self-taught from watching videos online.
Monarchess grew out of personal interest. Mona began making lip balms and body butters with shea butter for herself and her close circle. One of her friends requested an all-natural body butter for her diabetic mother suffering from severely dry skin. They loved it and kept asking for more. Monarchess flourished from there. Mona incorporates the best quality ingredients she can find, noting, “I'm a little picky myself, and I want to present to others a quality and shape that I want for myself. The name, to me, sounded in sync with what I try to do, and as a bonus, it includes mine in it.”
The biggest challenge Monarchess faces is finding ingredients that meet Mona’s high standards, as their sources are limited in Jordan. Even if Mona is able to find suitable materials, they’re quite expensive. Often, Mona will outsource for her ingredients, absorbing the costs of shipping. In general, the production of her craft is quite laborious, between the lengthy soap-making process, creating enough storage space, and trying to hit the right price-point in the market. Mona notes that people still struggle to pay more even for higher quality products, and those that can afford it tend to trust foreign brands. However, the ones who do try Monarchess usually come back for more and recommend it to their friends.
The best part about the company is that the vast majority of the ingredients used are natural. In Monarchess products you will find high-quality oils and butters, milk, bee products, and herbs. Perfumes are very occasionally used in a limited number of products. The goal is to create items that are deeply moisturizing. If you keep your skin hydrated, many of its problems disappear. For that reason, shea butter is an essential ingredient in every product made by Monarchess. For a touch of luxury, Mona will also add saffron, rose oil, argan oil, or musk. All the soaps produced are cold-processed, which helps maintain the natural benefits of the ingredients. Everything is handmade. Especially with her soaps, with its unique color-swirls and patterns, each item is unique. Monarchess offers organic, superior products for reasonable prices in comparison to the quality, cost, and effort Mona puts in to each one of her items. Mona wants to put a smile on people's faces, whether by good service or by small giveaways: “In short, I try to provide people with something useful, natural, good quality, good price for the quality, while trying my best to make them feel happy about getting the product and service they deserve.”

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