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"Mandalatia” Store

Rania Al-Nimat, an ambitious lady who doesn’t allow the chance for the world pandemic situation to affect her negatively and started her project from there as she trained girls and children and gave them many training sessions and workshops to start the  “Mandalatia” store.

Beautifully, the basic idea that inspires “Mandalatia” store comes from the Indian culture as it adopts the concept of drawing and painting Indian decorated and dotted mandalas on several pieces including but not limited to glass, mugs, chains, and coasters in order to add a joyful touch to them and turn them into attractive yet distinctive pieces.

"Mandalatia” Store Challenges 

Most likely, the most prominent challenge and obstacle faced by the “Mandalatia” store are represented in focusing on the marginalized group of girls for their ability to enter the labor market.

To mention more, the second challenge was centered on providing the benefiting individuals and families with a new source of income from their hard work and perhaps this challenge goes to improving the lives of the beneficiary families and making them productive families that support society. However, all these challenges will surely be accompanied by ambition.

"Mandalatia” Store Social Impact

Through Mandala arts details, the “Mandalatia” store is able to leave a positive impact inside the society through the artists’ ability to master meaningful paintings and drawings that simulate our reality and address the social challenges.

All of this has led “Mandalatia” store to display pieces of art in exhibitions, charitable bazaars, markets, social media platforms, and so on.

For this reason, you can now browse Mandal artistic pieces at Souq Fann!



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