Jordan / Amman

Nash'at Seryani grew up in Madaba, a town to the south of Amman famous for its carpet industry. He found his passion early on his life for preserving this heritage before it disappeared. He established his company, Lama, for heritage carpets in Madaba. With long experience in this field, he has become one of the most familiar faces in the streets of Madaba. 

Nash'at Seryani is an expert in handmade carpets and worked as a guide for German-speaking tour groups visiting Madaba, introducing them to the spirit of hand-made carpets and showing them the differences between different designs and different areas in the historical city.

What distinguishes Lamma's carpets is that they are 100% handmade and far from the artificial wool used in carpets imported from neighboring countries. Though the prices of imported carpets are low compared to original handmade carpets, they lack the quality and history of authentic work. Therefore, Nash’at has assumed responsibility for keeping the authenticity of traditional carpet-making alive, collecting and re-selling handmade carpets in the spirit of preservation.

Nash’at grew up not only selling carpets, but also telling the stories behind them: the type of materials used, why specific colors are chosen, the origins of different designs. Nash’at faces difficulties in that locals often do not pay attention to the authenticity of art, preferring inexpensive imported pieces. He has found better luck with foreign visitors who are often more interested in this kind of rare art, though his business is dependent on them happening to walk by his shop on their way down the streets of Madaba.

Lama has had a distinctive impact on each of their customers. Each visitor who buys a carpet leaves with not only a piece of history and art, but also a beautiful heritage story. Each piece has its own spirit and story, adding a feeling of nobility to any living space.



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