Kifaa AlDmoor

Kifaa AlDmoor

Jordan / karak

Mrs. Kefa Aldmur is a housewife in Karak, who has discovered a new special way in making jam! She offers her products to her customers who wait all year long to get a jar of her seasonal fruit jam.

Kefa: The market offers a huge variety of chemically infused jams, from artificial colors to preservatives, these jams are not healthy at all and this is why I started experimenting with fruits and came up with my own special way in making jams that guarantee special tastes and preservative-free products.

With the help of her family Kefa overcame a lot of obstacles including the concept of taboo, they were as supportive as she wanted them to be and made the process way easier for her.

Kefa: The making process is a bit long as it starts from picking fruits, to making the jam and finally filling the jars and making sure they are well presented, the issue for me, however, is mainly delivery, as I’m usually not able to deliver the orders myself, and this is why I’m excited to start my collaboration with Souq Fann and solving the delivery issue for good.

Kefa makes sure to use fresh seasonal fruits as she wants her product to excel in quality and her clients to always be satisfied.

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