G's Embroidery

G's Embroidery

G's Embroidery Story

Ghada Bazadough is the brain behind G's Embroidery, her brand is specialized in Brazilian embroidery on wooden hoops and frames with the most delicate type of cotton threads and fabric, each product is well crafted with care and attention to detail, Ghada also tries to choose different palette colors with each palette describing a different mood and design, also Ghada along with her creative designs she tries to them suitable for a variety of tastes and ages, kids, teenagers, and grownups would love to have one of these. 

Ghada loves to hear feedback from her customers as it motivates her to do better and develop her work. 

Ghada aims to increase the appreciation of handmade products and understand their beauty and importance.

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Ghada Bazadough is the brain behind G's Embroidery