Ferial and Sawsan Embroideries

Ferial and Sawsan Embroideries

Jordan / Mafraq

The main goal and motivation behind this project was to support women of the Za’atari refugee camp, from students, widows, underprivileged families, and abused women to help them support themselves financially.

Sewing can provide jobs for many people, especially women, it can support them, help them provide their families essentials without them leaving the house.

Sawsan says: old traditions stand in a lot of women’s way as an obstacle, for those who want to work and provide their house with its needs and support their children or in some cases their husbands.

Our work is distributed on a lot of working women, and with several phases, from designing, embroidering and sewing, the team delegates the work to reach a level of quality and precision.

Sawsan: the traditional aspect is our signature that touches our society and reminds them of our legacy and its importance. 

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