Fatima Malas

Fatima Malas

Jordan / Tafilah

Fatima Malas has been living in Tafilah for 30 years now, she is originally Syrian and works in the sewing fields and she caters to her client’s needs.

Fatima is taking part in sewing some original women praying sets, and she loved the idea of sharing them on Souq Fann! 

As all business owners in governorates, Fatima suffers for the long distance between the markets in Amman and her location, as its very costly for her to keep going back and forth to get the raw material for her designs.

Fatima : “  I love Tafilah city, and I think all the ladies here are talented and all have great potential, they just need support in the logistics field and other related matters, to reach their full potential and succeed!”

Fatima, works to cater for her own and her family’s needs, joining Souq Fann will give her an opportunity to reach new markets and expand her audience and that’s what she is hoping for.



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