Etr Al Sham

Etr Al Sham

Jordan / Amman

Huda Jabr lives in Irbid along Syria’s border after the violence of the war in her home city of Daraa forced her to move south with her husband and two children. When they arrived in Jordan, Huda began searching for an organization that could teach her a profitable skill. Eventually, Huda was able to find a training center that focused on soap and wax making that suited her interests. With these new talents, Huda was able to launch her own small project in 2017, which helped her sell larger quantities of products and expand the scope of her work over time.

Huda is faced with many problems, such as the rising prices of the raw materials and struggles with marketing. However, having survived the Syrian war, Huda knows she can overcome all these obstacles and is seeking to further develop her abilities in order to reach a greater number of people.

What makes Huda’s products distinctive is that they are made entirely of organic materials and extracts. She makes each with natural fiber and utilizes raw colors extracted from nature that are even suitable for consumption.

Through Etr al Sham, Huda feels that she has filled a large hole in her life with meaningful work that not only earns her an income but teaches her new lessons everyday through her customer feedback and shifting market demands. Huda is a woman that people look to with respect as a result of her self-reliance, allowing her to be a role model for other women who hope to follow in her footsteps.

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