Eman Melhem

Eman Melhem

Jordan / karak

Eman Melhem or Om Ahmad as her clients know her, own the secret of making the perfect local pickles! She only uses organic vegetables and she makes them with all the love and care she could possibly offer.

Om Ahmad: “ My secret is maintaining the old school way in making pickles, the type of vegetables and oil that I use guarantee that you’ll get the best long lasting taste”

Om Ahamd, as many other business owners, suffer form logistic challenges, such as delivery and transportation, as she struggles in leaving Karak and distributing the orders throughout Jordan.

Om Ahmad: “ A woman should be educated in order to understand the requirements of this new age, she needs to read and experiment more in order to keep up with all the other competitors who are out there! My goal is for my project to be limitless and reach outside Jordan, so that the world experiences what the Jordanian women can do!”

With steady steps and high motivation, Om Ahmad works hard to achieve her goals, and she is getting closer everyday.

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