Ebtisam Al-Khaldi

Ebtisam Al-Khaldi

Jordan / Mafraq

Ebtisam is a loving mom of five, living in Alkhaldeyeh village in Mafraq, she was facing a lot of challenges to take part in some of the workshops that she interested in, that took place in Mafraq and sometimes Amman.

Ebtisam: “ I never thought that I would get the opportunity to sell my crafts! My love for Palestinian embroidery is a passion that I had and still have! My story is the story of all the ladies in my village, we are all capable of working and producing great art, but the mentality of taboo is stopping us from reaching out for the stars.”

Small project deserve our support and respect in order to grow and achieve great potentials and reach amazing goals, especially when the projects are all about preserving the local heritage.

Ebtisam: “ Fundings for our small projects is a need! We face a lack of basic materials and time to work on our embroidery in order to achieve our goals, we hope that Souq Fann will open a new gateway for us and help us reach our sales goals.”

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