Dates Coffee

Dates Coffee

Jordan / Tafilah

Coffee is the number one drink world wide! And Jordan is no different!

Traditional coffee is without a doubt the most requested beverage in Jordan, as there is more than one way to prepare it of coarse, you can enjoy it hot or cold, flavored or plain, with spices or chocolate.

Oday : “ I loved date-seed coffee the moment I tried it, it was different and had an amazing scent and great potential to experiment with! I took it as a challenge to try different combinations to satisfy all tastes, and this is how I started my project.”

Oday makes date-seed coffee in eight different flavors using cinnamon, cardamom and ginger.

Oday started his project in Tafeleh, he explains that it’s not easy as he has to choose a certain type of date seed to get the best result possible.

Oday : “ My goal is to reach a new audience and to deliver all across Jordan, and this is why I began this collaboration with Souq Fann, it might even reach other countries and that would be amazing for me! I really want to spread the date-seed coffee world wide and I can’t wait to get the feedback that will allow me to work on my project and take it to the next level!”

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