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"Cmet” Store

Try to think a little bit about the word “Cmet”. Does it remind you of anything? Well, “Cmet” is a name inspired by “Cement” or concrete. The creativity of the store’s name represents the ingenuity of the owner as well!

“Cmet” is a store that combines art, handcraft, and architecture altogether in one product that is made with a great deal of worship and enthusiasm. 

While the owner of “Cmet” was studying abroad, Khattab Ahmad was impressed by the way people there appreciate plants and handcrafts and he fell in love with the way they value them. Accordingly, Khattab decided to go back to his country with what he saw and started designing high-quality concrete plant pots that are strong enough to fulfill any atmosphere with positive vibes!

“Cmet” Challenges

Behind every success, there must be challenges that lead to this extent of creativity. Alike, the most prominent challenges faced by “Cmet” resides in finding raw materials and importing difficulties.

In general, the above-mentioned challenges may be faced by each type of business. However, what is unique about “Cmet” is that even the troubles they face are creative-oriented. For example, the main difficulty in the nature of their work is how to shape the engineering character to every piece they formulate to maintain high-quality and to feature sustainability.

Over and above, it is not easy to find the right design which will astonish clients easily!

“Cmet” & “Souq Fann”

At the end of the day, the most important part of this project is you especially when you spread positive energy here and there through your favorite concrete plant pot that you can buy now from t Souq Fann!



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