Bait Khairat Souf

Bait Khairat Souf

Jordan / Jerash

Souf Town is more than a Jordanian village located in Jordan as it is a homeland of cultivating various agricultural crops that are rare to be found in only one area thanks to its strategic nature which makes it the first of its kind in the Middle East!

Consequently, a Jordanian association for social development took its first step towards building a home called “Bayt Souf” providing the nutritional benefits of these crops and transforming them into products in a way that serves the community, empowers women, and provides work opportunities for youth on one side in addition to providing delicious organic products for you on the other side.

“Bayt Souf” Building Stones

From the mercy of almonds, cherries, apricots, pomegranates, grapes, lemons, apples, and more vegetables and fruits, the Association established "Bayt Souf" in 2016, which embraced the principle of empowering women and provided various job opportunities for our youth as it was supported by the Princess Alia Foundation. Similarly, the UNICEF drove the same footsteps by expanding this house and pushing it towards further development.

The passionate ladies and farmers who are doing their very best to give us the yummiest organic food products only depend on many values including but not limited to their passion and raw materials they have as the farmers give the earth plants to be picked up by ladies who make these products for us only trusting their hands without relying on any machine.

Challenges Faced by “Bayt Souf”

The more challenges you face, the more determination you get! Likewise, dedicated women and farmers didn’t give the obstacles the chance to be stronger than them as they were mainly represented in marketing issues in addition to the lack of financial resources. Rather, they chose to move forward towards greater and greater success.
Moreover, thanks to the UNICEF Amaluna Youth Economic Engagement programme, their work is being processed till the moment!

Souq Fann and “Bayt Souf” in the House!

Bayt Souf products available on Souq Fann feature the most pleasant flavors that are considered more than food! They may be for many people food, but their real ingredients are economy supporters that provide job opportunities for women and youth alongside farmers.

A lover of traditional dishes such as yogurt, honey, molasses, jams, and more? Well, support local production, and don’t miss the chance of browsing such goods only at Souq Fann platform!



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