Bagzy Bean Bags

Bagzy Bean Bags

Jordan / Amman

Tamara Bagzi. This name has become common to lovers of bean bags, so much so that people thought that her name,"Bagzi", meant “bean bag.” Tamara worked in the field of business management for 14 years. During this time she decided to invest in the idea of Bagzi. Inspired by her love of bean bags, she started the company in 2012, and it has since served as her primary source of income. The idea behind Bagzi was to create a product that gives its owners a sense of comfort, while also playing into whatever aesthetic they desire. The bags are suitable for any decor or theme, as the color of the cloth and model of the bag can be customized. 

Aside from business, Tamara is a big proponent of setting goals and following your dreams. From her professional-grade cooking skills to her global certification in the art of Thai massage, Tamara has never stopped growing and learning. She has always been sure that she could achieve her goals and help others achieve theirs. A girl can achieve whatever she puts her mind to.

Tamara has faced many challenges, the first being the criticisms of outsiders. To them, the idea of Bagzy was strange, a risk that would not succeed, especially considering that her store would be purely online. To complicate things, Tamara had never even held a pair of scissors, let alone used a sewing machine in her life. How could she possibly be successful? Though there were many doubts initially, Tamara never lost her hope or ambition. Instead, she just focused on creating the perfect product.

Tamara’s position as an online seller has been strengthened by giving the customer a long term guarantee and offering the option of payment upon delivery. These provide the customer a better online shopping experience, allowing them to see the products in person before committing to buying them. She also began relying more on reviews and customer feedback to improve her product and business model. The beginning was difficult, as many potential customers, seeing the cheaper bean bags sold by street producers, found Tamara’s products a bit expensive, disregarding her quality and craftsmanship. This was and has continued to be a challenge, but Tamara has never given up.

Bagzy has forever changed Tamara’s life. Not everything is easily done, but through her journey with Bagzy she has learned the virtue of patience and the value of the continuous effort required to reach a productive outcome. Every time Tamara receives an order for Bagzy, it feels like it is her first. When she sees the customer’s reaction, joy, and satisfaction with the product, all of the struggle is overshadowed by enthusiasm and positivity.

If you learn anything from reading Tamara’s story with Bagzy, she hopes that you realize that nothing is impossible unless you make it out to be. You are the only one that will make your future, so do not let yourself limit your success -- reach for your dreams.



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