Jordan / karak

Alanoud aspires to be special, she wanted to sell her accessories to the youngsters as she believes that he creations express them very well.

Alanoud : “ I wanted to work, and I have a lot to offer.. Waiting for long periods to find the right job opportunity is very frustrating to me! I participated in a workshop to learn how to style accessories and I started creating new designs that are unique and different.”

Alanoud participated in a number of bazaars and open markets, but unfortunately she wasn’t satisfied with the results, as she wasn’t exposed to enough people according to her.

Alanoud: “ I Offer high qualities and unique design that no one else offers! I know how much work to expect in the following few years but I have no problem working hard to achieve my goals!” 

Alanoud represents a lot of young talents, who are trying their best to work their ways to reach success. 



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