Al-Erfan Chierty Association

Al-Erfan Chierty Association

Jordan / Zarqa

Al Erfan Charitable Association in Brief

Every girl, every woman, every lady, and every female plays a considerable role in shaping her society irrespective of her geographical location or the defiances she faces!

Because she can, Al Erfan Charitable Association located in Al Azraq is doing its work flawlessly thanks to the dedicated efforts of the ladies that belong to Azraq Town and thanks to the partnership with JRF and UNICEF "Makani" Programme as well.

The relationship between Al Erfan Charitable Association and Al Azraq ladies is mutual and based on cooperation as it helps ladies to be more qualified whether professionally or academically in order to produce craft masterpieces that demonstrate the existence of females and the importance of women empowerment.

Obstacles Faced by Al Erfan Charitable Association in Brief

Worthy to mention that the challenges and obstacles faced by ladies of the association are similar and alike and this is the good turning point that might be the link that shapes motivation sources and incentives for the ladies to never give up and keep going on!

Accordingly, challenges are varied as they include the lack of funding, the poor local and international marketing, in addition to the shortage of raw materials needed to generate the products, apart from the lack of facilitators and trainers who work whether in the craftsmanship field or the academic field in Al Azraq Town.

The Social Impact of Al Erfan Charitable Association

Al Erfan Charitable Association supports women empowerment and equality in the whole fields especially the field of craftsmanship and this matter will shed light on the ability of women to craft production and their creative potential in Azraq camp on bringing craft products for you!

While touching your role in supporting the craft ladies of your society and helping in providing financial sources for them, you only need to shop their products through Souq Fann and get the pieces you liked the most!



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