Asia Al-Rfaya'a

Asia Al-Rfaya'a

Jordan / Maan

Working hard will eventually get you what you want! And this was Asia’s life motto when she started her project.

Asia works with crochet and wool in Shobak - Ma’an, as colds are the hardest!

Asia: I started working with crochet and wool as I was really interested in all the patterns and methods, I love making tiny dresses for babies who need a special type of wool to suit their sensitive skins!

Asia’s products are selling well in her hometown, as she uses high-quality raw material and she executes her designs very well!

Asia: Quality control for me means many trips to the markets to Amman to buy all what I need, and that is my main issue as its logistically costly.

Alshobak suffers from a lack of logistic solutions due to the concentration of central markets in Amman, Asia hopes that by joining Souq Fann this problem will be over!

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