Majeda Qarqoda

Majeda Qarqoda

Majeda Qarqoda Story

First Steps of Majeda's Project

The "Hadab Hems" is a niche of pride and prejudice that can be found on a cultural scarf decorating its edges particularly the Jordanian Shemagh and the Palestinian Keffiyeh. Every stitch of the 'Hadab" preserves the heritage and culture in a very distinctive way.

Majeda Qarqoda is a talented crafts lady who was inspired by the hands of her mother especially when she was contemplating the movement of her fingertips while hemming. From here, she asked her mother to teach her and she gained the basic skills and then started to expand them by participating in bazaars, exhibitions, initiatives, associations, and so on by the means of acquiring something new every single day.

After all, it is worth mentioning that "Hadab" is a very important part of the Jordanian civilization and a way of expressing the love of the homeland.

Challenges Faced by Majeda

There is no craftsperson who doesn't face a lot of difficulties and challenges since they are the main reason why let them gain more and learn more! Thus, the main challenges faced by Majeda are related to the current pandemic situation which avoids her from being a part of the marketplace activities in addition to the lack of marketing.

On the margin, Majeda also wishes that every single person appreciates handicrafts so craft workers can strongly be given the chance to expand their careers life.

"Thanks to Souq Fann's support, I can work more, offer more hemmed scarfs, give a greater chance for Jordanian people to express their feelings towards their homeland."

This is what Majeda said about joining Souq Fann in which she also will be glad to receive your help and support by browsing her products and choosing your type of shemagh or keffiyeh!

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First Steps of Majeda's ProjectThe "Hadab Hems" is