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al-Mik.Haleh Sticker

Seller: Batrina
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A locally designed sticker / sticker with a small flask image, usually made of copper or silver, in which Kohl powder is placed and consists of two parts: the bowl and the marrow, which is a delicate column with decorations and patterns dipped in the bowl to be placed in it Kohl inside the eye. Women have been keen in the past to buy kohl, as toiletries. The Arabs sang with dark eyes, as it was a symbol of the authentic oriental beauty.

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Batrina is a Jordan-based brand that creates products inspired by people's stories. The idea forthe company came in 2017 as a graduation project by Rahaf J. Bdour, a design and visualcommunication student then. The goal was to enhance Jordan’s brand and share the Jordanianexperience by telling stories to tourists through souvenirs. The brand name comes from theword vetrina, or batrina in Jordanian Arabic, which means a window of a store that displaysgoods.Batrina continued to evolve and was picked up by funding from the EU in collaboration withShamal Start. Soon after, Noor al-Zawateen, a designer and videographer, joined the company.The brand was formally launched in January of 2019. These events allowed Batrina to grow,thereby allowing both locals and tourists access to products that hold Jordan’s valuable stories.The main challenge that Batrina faces is in sourcing their materials as there is not a wideavailability in Jordan. The other problem is in production, as it proves challenging to make andproduce a prototype in a timely manner given the lack of suitable resources for the task.Regardless, Batrina is true to their mission. Jordanian culture is full of original stories andinteresting pieces that Batrina feels deserve to be highlighted. Their aim is to show, document,and...

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