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Ylang Ylang Candle - 130 Grams

Seller: Qamar Wa Shams
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This handmade candle that is used in aromatherapy helps relieve the stresses of daily life! You can light it up and relax after a busy day. Included in the components of this candle are two pure essential oils, namely Ylang Ylang plant in addition to frankincense oil, and it is known that these oils stimulate the relaxation process.

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Qamar Wa Shams

Hello beautiful souls, I’m Raya a reiki healer who was guided to work with essential oils, soy wax, and crystals. After getting aligned with these holistic elements, I discovered that the Jordanian market had a shortage of natural  Aromatherapy and Crystal Therapy products. This awakened my passion to create consciously handmade accessible candles, essential oil products, and crystal jewelry that are proudly created here in Jordan.This project was inspired by my path of healing, I provide my clients with products to accentuate their transformative journeys. Our scented candles consist of 100% natural soybeans, NON GMO and biodegradable soy wax. We have a selection of aromatherapy candles and fragrant candles. Soy candles are non-toxic, have better scent throw (highlight the candle's smell better than paraffin candles) and have longer burning times. Our aromatherapy recipes are designed by myself based on a bit of science, intuition, and inspiration. We use 100% essential oils which can help energize or relax you depending on the oils used in each productOne of our biggest issues is sourcing our raw materials since we need to import our major raw materials from abroad. We are also limited in exposure at the moment (markets and Instagram only).I would hope to...

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