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Woven Pouch with Red Tessel

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Small tools portfolio Handmade from colored yarn in the spirit of the Jordanian Badia.

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LUMEYO is a social entrepreneurship initiative supporting women in Aqaba, Urduh, Amman and Salt. It started in 2009 when Dutch designer and artist Sandra Jelly was introduced to six weaving women in Urduh. Sandra picked up the art, and began creating woven bags and rugs inspired by Bedouin traditional designs. She started using wool as her medium but later switched to recycled threads from second-hand jumpers when she discovered they were both easier to work with and environmentally friendly.A year later she discovered an olive wood craft shop in Bayader and now uses their wood for the clasps on her bags. In 2018, she connected with a leather workshop in Amman supporting Iraqi refugees and works closely with their organization. Just recently, she added Nawar -- a single mother from Salt -- to her initiative. Nawar now creates the all the custom keyrings for LUMEYO bags, and, on top of this, also makes bracelets to support her and her son.

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