White Tassels Earring
White Tassels Earring
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White Tassels Earring

Seller: Made in Zaatari
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Handmade earrings with white tassels dangling from a white and black round beads, a cute earring that was made with love and devotion by the ladies of the Zaatari camp who have gone through all the obstacles to make this piece happen.
You can take part in supporting them and their project by ordering your favorite designs directly from Souq Fann. You'll receive a beautiful piece handmade with love and passion from Zaatari Camp, to your home!

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Made in Zaatari

The definition: Inspired by the fragrant scent of Damascus Jasmine and memories of the past, we celebrate the beauty and talents of Syrian women who wish to support themselves and their families – using simple raw materials and their natural creativity, we are proud to present to you, ‘Made in Zaatari’.The mission: Enable camp residents to sell and market their products inside and outside the camp to as many customers as possible through electronic platforms and social networking.Our vision: The importance of the projects lies in creating and providing opportunities to the local community in Zaatari camp. The project, Made in Zaatari, wants to expand and offer a wide range of products and expertise that will support the future of the community.

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