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White Prayer Rug with Pink Accents and Carrying Bag

Seller: Orient Spirit Development
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This handmade prayer rug, which comes with an elegant carrying bag, is a beautiful gift for someone special. The rug bears a unique, whimsical mosque design with corner accents. The bag also features a simple mosque design. With this handmade product, a clean, elegant place to pray is always within arm's reach.

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Orient Spirit Development

Orient Spirits is a specialized center for the rehabilitation, training, and empowerment of people with special needs. They offer trainings in a variety of specialties including practical and life skills. They then help integrate them into the community by providing  jobs that give them a sense of independence. However, Orient Spirits is more than just a rehabilitation center. Each product they produce is a testimony to the many under-appreciated talents of people with special needs. Every item is designed and manufactured by hand, with love. When you purchase a product, you directly contribute to a wide range of rehabilitation programs that help young boys and girls become active members in their community. Each piece has a different story according to its maker.What makes the products of Orient Spirits special is their diverse designs and their focus on the quality of the product and its final form. Each piece is the product of a collective effort of a number of students in the Center with special needs. Each contributes according to his or her abilities. In fact, many of the products passed through many of their hands and was partially designed by many of their creative efforts before they reached their final...

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