Velvet Jacket With Scarf on Shoulder
Velvet Jacket With Scarf on Shoulder
Velvet Jacket With Scarf on Shoulder
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Velvet Jacket With Scarf on Shoulder

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➵ Adding a touch of Arabic culture to the modern outfit is creativity itself totally like the ingenuity you can see in this velvet jacket!

- This jacket or blazer is velvet featuring a navy blue color, comes with a fabric waist belt, and decorated with two Bedouin hand embroidered pockets. Not only, as the Bedouin embroidery decorates the cuffs of the jacket as well. If you look at the backside of the jacket, you will see a drooping built-in scarf on the shoudler. So many simple details in a super elegant design!

(Size: Tuxedo size 36 - 38)

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Meet the artist

Karma Fashion

Karma FashionKarma Fashion, the place where you can follow trends and wear elegantly in a stylish way inspired by culture and modernity!Karma Fashion is a fashion store established by the Jordanian designer Rasha Noufal who aims to design modern traditional clothes in the Arab region as the theme of her... Read More

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