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Umm Kulthum Bottle

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Glass recycling has become important, the T-bottle brand takes this issue on its shoulders, this recycled bottle, made for fans of the icon Umm Kulthum, printed the face of East Planet on the bottle over the white color strewn, suitable for decoration in the office, an ideal gift for friends, made in Jordan .

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T.bottle is an environmental friendly initiative that mainly focuses on reducing glass bottle waste in Jordan through up-cycling them into artistic yet functional products. Furthermore, T.bottle is the first specialized glass waste sorter in Jordan, which puts a huge responsibility on their shoulders to spread the awareness of recycling, especially that people are still not aware of the waste reduction impact on the society. What makes T.bottle unique, is that each piece they create is uniquely beautiful, affordable and also functional. T.bottle mentions how their business has a huge impact on society as it allows people to participate in the making process as they collect and save glass bottles to be transported to the workshop where all the magic happens, that way people will feel that they are part of the movement of reducing waste in Jordan.

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