Traditional Embroidered Notebook: Pink

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Up-cycled glass bottle, transformed into a table l, hand painted with arabic calligraphy with a golden background, perfect for your desk or bedroom, handmade with love in Jordan.

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Yadaiha produces beautiful handcrafted Palestinian embroidery products for the global market. As part of their “Piece of Palestine” collection, the company makes elegant jewelry, bags, scarves, wallets, and accessories to give Gazan women a voice around the world. Through the production and marketing of these native products, Yadaiha empowers and financially supports the refugee women of Gaza to provide them with a means to achieve financial independence. As the heads of the families, Gazan women have the opportunity to impact entire generations. By supporting Yudaiha, you support this story of courage.The biggest problem Yadaiha faces is the restrictions imposed on the region, which impedes the process of obtaining raw materials for production and the marketing of products. Consequently, the project faces a real problem in the export process. The costs are very high and the delivery time is lengthy. There has also been an increase in the amount of handicrafts in the local market, and thus, an increase in competition for products.All products in Yadaiha’s “Piece of Palestine” collection are entirely handmade by local Gazan women. Not only are the products themselves beautiful, featuring intricate traditional embroidery and embellishments, but they also carry a story, holding purpose and meaning for...

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