The Hope of My Life Necklace
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The Hope of My Life Necklace

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Hand-engraved necklace made from pencils, Tareq who was always dreaming of sculpting and drawing as a kid, grew up to become a master in these two, he leveled three pencils to write on the top of it “The Hope of My Life” the famous song of Om Kalthuom, he made all this with his own hands, the piece is mind-blowing, a piece of art turned into a necklace, with hard work and determination, you can see the perfection in his work.
You can take part in supporting Tareq and his mission by ordering your favorite designs directly from Souq Fann, you'll receive a beautiful piece of art handmade with love and passion from Zaatari Camp, to your home!

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Meet the artist

Tarek Mohamed Hamdan

Between the alleys of Zaatari camp, you will find many dreams, ideas, and arts. In fact, some of them were found inside the camp. Tarek is a man who follows his heart, whose childhood dreams did not materialize until he came to the camp. Tarek: “I dreamed of sculpture and... Read More

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