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Tea Cup

Seller: Muna - Om Al Jimal Women Association
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The official Jordanian afternoon drink is tea, the ladies of Om Al-Jamal crafted these cups from the Basalt rock, with its beautiful rough texture it will be perfect to use as a decoration as well. Proudly made in Jordan.

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Muna - Om Al Jimal Women Association

Om Al Jimal has an ancient city built from solid Basalt, that stood still fighting all surrounding weather challenges.Muna: “ We were verbally abused by the local society when we started our projects, their lashing comments only increased our willingness to work hard to achieve our goals!”What makes Om Al Jimal’s project unique is the simplicity of the tools used to create all the beautiful designs.Muna: “ Marketing is our greatest challenge, and the reason for that is the big distance that separates Om Al Jimal from Mafraq and Amman, but we didn’t lose hope and we kept believing that the project will definitely be a success.!”Om Al Jimal visitors can buy souvenirs handmade by the strong ladies of Om Al Jimal and to celebrate the seven years of success for the ladies. 

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