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Table Trivet (Light Blue)

Seller: Jasmine Art
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This handmade trivet helps make tea time or dinner time a bit easier. The wooden frame and handle makes the piece easier to carry, while the heat-resistant ceramic tiles ensure that even the hottest dish or teapot doesn't damage tables or tablecloths. Each of the four ceramic tiles is handpainted then cured in a pottery oven, locking in the vibrant color. This process ensures that the color doesn't fade over time, despite constant exposure to light and hot temperatures. Serve your guests in style, comfort, and safety.

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Jasmine Art

Maryam Al-Bitar is a 35 years old widow supporting her two children. She lives in Jordan’s capital city of Amman, where she graduated from the College of Finance and Banking. She started Jasmine Art in 2004 focusing primarily on painting and ceramics. Ceramics are a difficult material to work with as the artistic process requires many stages, from design and outline, to painting, to cutting and installation. Despite these many steps and the challenges that come with them, Maryam proceeds with optimism and consistently, producing top-notch final products.What distinguishes Jasmine Art products from others on the market is that the coloring is carefully formulated so that it remains vivid, even with the passage of time. Her products are also not affected by heat or water making them ideal pieces for both inside and outside the home."For me, my work is a big part of my life and gives me positive energy, patience, and understanding of how to deal with my customers. It even gives me the good financial returns that come from it," Maryam says. "Beyond that, many people benefit from my projects directly, including my sister. She is working with me in this field of artistry, and nearly five girls...

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