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Striped Cosmetics Bag (Pink and Brown)

Seller: Safi Crafts
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This cosmetic bag is distinguished because its beige and red colors are extracted from nature, by owning it, you add a colorful touch to your external appearance while you carry this bag with you everywhere to keep your cosmetics from splashes and loss (the colors used here are completely natural The color tones differ slightly as a result of the manual coloring process. We will send a photo of the product before confirming the purchase order.

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Safi Crafts

In 1999, a group of women from the local community in Ghor Al Safi Village came together under the idea of creating goods using natural dyes. This is how Safi Crafts was born. Pigments from vegetables – like the red of the pomegranate, the yellow bark of the eucalyptus tree, and the brown of the roots of the Alfawh plant – were used to create the dyes. Under supervision of specialists in the cultivation of the Nilea plant, which gives off a wonderful blue color, the women began to learn how to best use the pigments. Extracting the color depended on several factors, including the temperature of the water, and the concentration and duration of mixing the pigments. These women have proven not only to themselves, but also their community, that they can overcome the challenges facing women working in a rural society. They have demonstrated the capacity to work just as well as their male counterparts while supporting both themselves and their families.What distinguishes Safi Crafts from the competition is that every color you see on every product is made from 100% natural pigment. Even the way that the women color and decorate each product is unique, as it is...

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