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Stool With Storage - Beige With Geometric Pattern

Seller: Mateen
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Rounded armrest with ropes, its seat covered with beige textured fabric, lined on the inside, can be used as a secret storage unit, ideal for sitting and sleeping rooms

Sold out 57x34x57 (cm)


Mateen is a non-profit organization based in Jordan that was established in 2016. Mateen focuses on three main areas: children's education, youth development, and women empowerment.One of Mateen current projects is working with Syrian refugees in urban areas to help them achieve better living conditions and a stable, loving and safe environment for their children. The idea was developed by the Syrian refugee communities in collaboration with RE:TIRE JO project.The main challenge Mateen faces is supporting efforts to reduce the economic vulnerability of families to enable them to provide the basic needs for their children.Mateen product’s concept is based on reusing and recasting rubber tires into unique hand-made pieces of furniture.Mateen is supporting marginalized communities through sustainable interventions efforts to reduce educational inequities, Providing psychosocial interventions, Supporting efforts to reduce the economic vulnerabilities, Communicating and advocating for children’s basic need to eventually decrease child labor and early marriage that are a result of the financial vulnerability.

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