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Smiley Fish T-Shirt

Seller: The Orenda Tribe
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By buying this shirt you are directly contributing to helping many children in marginalized communities such as children in refugee camps in particular, as well as you give them a boost from Hope and more sense of productivity in society because the drawings on this shirt belong to one of them and have been printed on this beautiful shirt using environmentally friendly materials and 100% organic cotton, you directly draw joy in the face of your child and at the same time paint joy in the faces of children Many more, with your support and funding for his activities M artistic at the same time. This shirt comes in sizes for ages 8, 10, and 12 years. Orenda Tribe size can be somewhat small, so we advise you to choose the appropriate size for your child.

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The Orenda Tribe

The story of The Orenda Tribe began with the design and production of simple shirts. The manufacturing of these shirts was an opportunity for youth in marginalized communities to participate in contributing to the welfare of their community and thrive off of The Orenda Tribe mission. The Orenda Tribe took drawings from some of the kids and printed them on eco-friendly shirts made from 100% organic cotton. They aim to give hope to children by sending the message that they can make a difference in the future despite all the challenges and difficulties they currently face.Consumers of The Orenda Tribe's products can enjoy trendy designs and the high-quality construction all the while supporting activities that help youth in refugee camps live happier, healthier lives. The influence of Orenda Tribe extends beyond the children in the camps to send that message to the people that we need to rethink our way of life. We must positively coexist and establish a network mutual support for one another.

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