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Up-cycled glass bottle, transformed into a table l, hand painted with arabic calligraphy with a golden background, perfect for your desk or bedroom, handmade with love in Jordan.

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Aseella Odd

Aseel Jaradat is a 27 year old architect. She worked in the field for two years, but soon realized that she was struggling to reconcile her work with her hobby. Aseel is known among her friends by the name "Umm Al-Qamarat" due to her interest in manufacturing beautiful lamps. She paints each by hand and their unique construction allows them to shine warmly as a side lamp or brightly like a magnificent moon. Aseel recalls that her decision to leave work was very difficult, but she persevered, finding inventive ways to grow her following and make a viable business. Aseel’s products are unique because of the the dreamy touch in every piece. Alongside her lamps, which emulate the moon's surface, Aseel creates accompanying wooden boxes of different sizes, painted with different galaxies from other worlds. Aseel has become fully absorbed in her work and has been able to produce greater quantities than before with the same quality and picturesque colors.The impact of her project is great in several respects. She says that her work has positively influenced and has enhanced her self-confidence, helping her build on her strengths. She also has become more aware of how to best approach a broader...

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