Small Boho Bean Bag: Blue
Small Boho Bean Bag: Blue
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Small Boho Bean Bag: Blue

Seller: Bagzy Bean Bags
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Both comfortable and stylish, liven up your living space with this beautifully handmade bean bag, featuring traditional boho patterns and vibrant colors. - You can order this item without the filling for easier storage and delivery, 10 JD will be deducted from the original price!

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Bagzy Bean Bags

Tamara Bagzi. This name has become common to lovers of bean bags, so much so that people thought that her name,"Bagzi", meant “bean bag.” Tamara worked in the field of business management for 14 years. During this time she decided to invest in the idea of Bagzi. Inspired by her love of bean bags, she started the company in 2012, and it has since served as her primary source of income. The idea behind Bagzi was to create a product that gives its owners a sense of comfort, while also playing into whatever aesthetic they desire. The bags are suitable for any decor or theme, as the color of the cloth and model of the bag can be customized. Aside from business, Tamara is a big proponent of setting goals and following your dreams. From her professional-grade cooking skills to her global certification in the art of Thai massage, Tamara has never stopped growing and learning. She has always been sure that she could achieve her goals and help others achieve theirs. A girl can achieve whatever she puts her mind to.Tamara has faced many challenges, the first being the criticisms of outsiders. To them, the idea of Bagzy was strange,...

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