Set of three Oreo Shaped Soap Bars
Set of three Oreo Shaped Soap Bars
Set of three Oreo Shaped Soap Bars
Beauty & Wellbeing , Handmade Soaps

Set of three Oreo Shaped Soap Bars

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These oreo bites are not made for your tummy as they are made with natural moisturizing ingredients to take care of your skin in a joyful way. This set includes three oreo-shaped soap bars and it is the best way to enjoy soft, healthy, and hydrated skin. This hand-made soap in the form of a wonderful Oreo would go as a perfect gift for a special and beloved one or even for yourself!

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Jadette produces natural products made with love and precision. Using the finest 100% natural oils and raw materials, Jadette products nourish the skin without causing dryness or sensitivity. "In Jordanian society, we need knowledge of high-quality handcrafted products. However, this unfortunately does not exist in our culture. It is common knowledge that... Read More

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