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A set of three plant pots, with geometric quinary design, colored in white with a touch of gold on the front of the pot, made from a special cement mixture and Alovera plant planted inside, because of the special cement mixture it will be perfect for absorbing all the extra water off the plant, it's perfect to decorate your room or desk or even your kitchen with, it was made by three young architects in Jordan who are passionate with structure and environment.

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Subbeh is an innovative project done by three young Architects graduates from in Jordan, their project is based on using cement mixtures to make home decor pieces mixed with plant pots. The team makes sure that each piece is made with love and precision to be delivered to its new friend who will take care of it. Because of our constant use of plastic pots, and because of its poor quality and short time of living, the young creators decided to reduce plastic use by making new plant pots made of cement mixture, with its modern beautiful design, and durability and stiffness, and the ability to absorb extra water off the plants, all that made it the perfect replacement of the old plastic pots. After that, the design was merged with desk-ware decors until the product reached the shape it has now. Sabbah faced many challenges, from not having enough budget for their project, finding the right mixtures that suits the plants, to proving themselves and their ideas to the society, all that didn’t hold them back to follow their dreams, and finally, they launched their very first collection, made with love and passion right to your desks, let it be your friend and...

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