Rose Crown (Pink)
Rose Crown (Pink)
Rose Crown (Pink)
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Rose Crown (Pink)

Seller: Safaa Abbasi
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This crown of velvet roses is the perfect complement to any celebration - graduations, birthdays, holidays and more. The life-like blossoms have all the beauty of real flowers but can be reused again and again. Buy this for someone special in your life, to celebrate their accomplishments.

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Safaa Abbasi

Safa Abbasi was born in 1987 in the village of Houfa al-Wasatiyya in Irbid, Jordan. As a young girl, Safa loved drawing, handicrafts, and acting. Though she is confined to a wheelchair, she does not feel that she is at a disadvantage. She was unable to finish secondary school due to challenges arising from the community and her physical condition, especially given the lack of public facilities for handicapped persons. Safa wanted to prove to herself and to society that she could change the course of her life for the better. With the help of her sister, she began designing and creating accessories for weddings. She began selling to her relatives and friends, who encouraged her and pushed her work to new heights. Soon after, she started working through social media in order to reach a wider audience. Despite all the challenges Safa faces, from scarcity of capital to marketing to physical challenges, she continues to defy expectations as she knows the value of herself and her work.Safa speaks proudly about her business: "My work has positively affected me because I started relying on myself to provide for me and for my sister. I am now providing my transportation, which...

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