Porcelain Bowls in White + Turquoise
Porcelain Bowls in White + Turquoise
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Porcelain Bowls in White + Turquoise

Seller: Iraq Al-ameer Women Association
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These three small saucers are made out of porcelain and decorated with small lines of turquoise. The white allows them to easily blend them with any color scheme and that makes them a smart addition to any household.

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Iraq Al-ameer Women Association

The story of the Iraq Al-Ameer Women’s Association began in 1996 when Her Majesty Queen Noor inaugurated the latest development project in the Wadi Al Seer Villages. The center includes many manufacturing departments, such as the handmade paper composed of various plant fibers, natural colors for dying, and more. The paper products are environmentally friendly and the textile and ceramics are entirely handmade meeting the special requests of many customers. The Center has been supported by the Ministry of Planning, which has made the Center's work increasingly extensive. The women in the Center have transformed from shy village women to business women with an ability to contribute financially to their homes, give back to society, and manage their own projects – despite all the challenges and difficulties within their small community.The impact of the work in Wadi Al-Seer Village is not limited to income; rather, it has had a great impact on their personal development and their spirit of determination. These women have become empowered and been given the tools to manage production in ways like never before. Each woman has given back to her family, home and society, whether by introducing her children or relatives to schools and universities,...

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