Picture on Wood: Downtown in Salt
Picture on Wood: Downtown in Salt
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Picture on Wood: Downtown in Salt

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A picture on wood showing the downtown of the city of Salt. Use this piece to embellish your home and feel some Jordanian vibes !

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Sura is a one-stop gift shop to collect your favorite souvenirs. Whether you’re looking for postcards with the most popular Jordanian spots, bookmarks to accompany your favorite books, or framed photos to hang in your office or house, Sura has you covered. Sura in Arabic means “picture”; they blend photography and traveling to create unique products. Each product is fully produced by Sura, from capturing the photo to designing the product to crafting the content. The bookmarks have a unique twist: if you flip the bookmark over, you will find that the photo is continued on the other side as opposed to simply being printed twice. Postcards contain the historical name of the places and the year the photo was captured by the team in order to differentiate the place through time.Sura has the aim to increase awareness among both Jordanians and non-Jordanians about the beauty of Jordan by digitally capturing a variety of regions. In addition, Sura is committed to telling the stories behind the photos captured.

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