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Olive Oil with Oat and Rose Water Soap

Seller: Rabi’ Alghnaimen
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Handmade soap made from oil, oats and rose water, with all the natural ingredients your body will enjoy, it’s perfect for your skin, support the project and buy yours today.

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Rabi’ Alghnaimen

Al Shobak is known for its great warm people and great olives!The harsh winter of Shobak results of some skin problems such as dryness and itchiness, in this age where alternative medicine is back and natural products are a hit again, Rabi’ Alghnaimen started her olive oil soap project.Rabi: “ The obvious need for my products to help cure their skin issues was my motive to carry on with this project, the chemical present in the regular soaps and the artificial colors only make the problem worse! All doctors recommend natural products to treat your sensitive skin”Rabi’ suffered from the opinions of the surrounding community when she first started, the high prices for the raw ingredients was the second major issue she was facing.Rabi: “ This opportunity to be part of Souq Fann is highly appreciated by my side, I want to spread awareness about the importance of using natural products, and I want my products to reach new audiences and open new market opportunities for me, I want all the ladies to follow their passions and take their chances by having a spotlight on Souq Fann.”Souq Fann is proud to have such inspiring ladies join the platform, we’d like...

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