Necklace with Key Pendant
Necklace with Key Pendant
Necklace with Key Pendant
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Necklace with Key Pendant

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Looks aren't perfect without being paired with the right accessories, so we've brought this necklace for you!

Decorate your neck with a perfect piece that you can coordinate with various formal or casual looks and attach it to the appropriate accessories for a complete look. A necklace with a distinctive pendant in the shape of a key with a middle part of hand embroidery made with love and passion by one of the creative Jordanian women. Order it now from Souq Fann!

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Meet the artist

Rola Abdalmena'm

Rola Abdalmena'm, a talented Syrian refugee who did not stop at difficulties, but she continued towards success!Making natural and medicinal products are the most things that attracted Rola, especially medicinal products with great benefits. so, she expressed her love for this field by making cosmetics.Rola's cosmetics, such as masks and... Read More

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