Natural Soap Set
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Natural Soap Set

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This set placed in a heart-shaped wooden box includes what needs to spoil yourself in a natural way! The set contains one rose water and oatmeal soap, one lemon soap. one white glycerin soap with Loffa scented with jasmine fragrance oil The way the set is designed serves as a handy gift to your loved ones!

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Deema's Soaps

My name is Deema Salaita, I've been a working woman since 2010 but for my pregnancy health issues, I found that I had to quit my work and stay at home.Two months after I had the baby I started to think about a job I can do from home, I started by making scented candles and baby's giveaways and started an online page under the name of Swan Candles, sadly after 7 months of promoting it, it didn't turn out to be a success, meanwhile, I started learning about soap making, while I know how to make soaps that are made from oil directly having a baby always by my side was an issue as there are some dangerous chemical stuff I need to use, so I found an alternative, pour and melt glycerin soaps, and I managed to develop it by adding natural oils and natural materials such as honey, rose water, oatmeal, and fruits to make my soaps better for the skin and more natural.I started my soap making business back in November by giving them to family and friends to test, luckily they loved them and soon my business started to grow and now I receive new...

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