Natural Dead Sea Mineral Rich Salts, 500 Grams
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Natural Dead Sea Mineral Rich Salts, 500 Grams

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This bath salts from Odalisque produced from the Dead Sea's natural minerals is the perfect product to maintain a healthy and shiny skin. To get the best results, use it while soaking in a bath.
This natural bath salts contains:
• Magnesium to hydrate and regenerates your skin tissues by reducing the depth of wrinkles thus slowing skin aging
• Potassium to balance skin moisture and eliminate dry flaky skin
• Sodium to cleanse and detoxify your skin
• Calcium to stimulate blood pressure
Get yours now and feel the freshness of the Dead Sea!

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Under the umbrella of the Arab Potash Company (APC), Numeira Mixed Salts and Mud Company was established in 1997 in Ghor Al Safi. Numeira launched its brand under the name of “Odalisque”. The company always makes sure that its customers are receiving the best quality possible with up-to-date formulas, hence, Numeira maintains a strategic alliance with international research and development centers.Numeira is the primary source for all Dead Sea cosmetics and beauty raw materials on the Jordanian side of the sea. And as Numeria is exclusively authorized to extract and utilize Dead Sea minerals and materials, the company is committed to the moral and ethical principles as well as its commitment to preserving the land on the banks of the Dead Sea where it sets. The company's fundamental concern is to abide by all environmental laws and regulations to ensure that their ecological footprint is minimal and to ensure the sanctity of the Dead Sea. As part of Numeira Mixed Salts and Mud Company eco-friendly practices in producing “Odalisque” Products, the company’s raw materials are processed without the use of chemical by-products to assure that the end product is as pure and natural as possible....

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