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Marcel Khalifeh Necklace

Seller: Jupiter Accessories
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Handmade pendant necklaces with a picture the great Lebanse singer Marcel Khalifeh.

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Jupiter Accessories

Dima began creating bracelets for her schoolmates 13 years ago. Fast forward to current times, and Dima is now 22, running the website Jupiter Accessories selling both her own and imported products. Jupiter Accessories receives more than a thousand visitors from Jordan, alone, every day. The biggest challenge facing Dima is time management, as she is a student in university and also working as an intern. She also has difficulty obtaining the raw materials involved in the process of manufacturing many of her products. In the future, Dima aspires to be dedicate herself full-time to Jupiter Accessories so that it can expand beyond Jordan.What distinguishes the products on Jupiter Accessories is that they are all inspired by outer space and international paintings. Many pieces are able to be customized as gifts for special occasions. Jupiter Accessories also offers a delivery service in Jordan allowing products to arrive in an expedient manner to customers across the country.Since childhood, Dima aspired to be financially independent and contribute to household expenses. At the young age of 22, she has already managed to achieve both those goals. Today, she includes her family and friends in her current project, providing them with a regular income.

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